Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 7 in the books

Today we had our last day of ministry.  We had a great time with the kids at the VBS.  It was a field trip day to the Kroc center (as in Ray Kroc the founder of McDonalds).  We played basketball, air hockey, fuseball, volleyball and a lot  more just hanging with the kids.

Since the Salvation Army has church on Sunday we also cleaned things up a little.

After a full day with the kids we went out to eat at a Thai Restaurant, the food was again great!!  After wards we walked out to see an older lady going through the garbage for food.  We quickly asked for a box and packed up the food that was left our table which had been untouched (it was served to us family style) and gave that to her, plus we gave her a couple of sandwiches we had left over from lunch.  All of this was the students idea.

We didn't go to another country, but we found so much need in San Francisco that our students began to realize we don't have to go across some line on a map in order to find people who are in need.  We don't even have to go to San Francisco, we can go to Denver or even Littleton.  The needs might change, but in meeting people physical needs we often have opportunity to meet there spiritual ones as well.